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Dentures with

Platinum Dental of Mountain View

When several teeth come loose or fall out, it may be time to consider dentures.

At Platinum Dental of Mountain View, we want to help our patients who may be experiencing difficulty or discomfort with tasks such as talking and eating. Dentures are an excellent way to improve quality of life, and truly give back the confidence in your smile.

What is the Procedure for Receiving Dentures?

First, one of our many compassionate, professional dentists at Platinum Dental of Mountain View will perform an evaluation to see which teeth should be removed, and which will remain. Next, they will determine whether full or partial dentures would be a better fit.

For full dentures, all remaining teeth may need to be removed.  Don’t worry—our dentists will ensure you have a set of temporary dentures to last you while you wait for your new dentures. They are custom-made in a laboratory so they fit your mouth perfectly.

Partial dentures may be used when only one tooth or a few teeth have been removed while the surrounding teeth are strong and healthy. Partial dentures rely on support from the surrounding healthy teeth, as well as the framework that is built in the mouth.

What Can I Expect After

Denture Placement?

  • Minor irritation and soreness may occur after dentures are initially placed, but will fade with time
  • Dentures may feel uncomfortable or ill-fitting until the tongue and cheek muscles adjust and learn to keep them in place
  • Insertion and removal may initially cause discomfort, but will eventually become very natural
  • Still not sure about dentures? Dental Implants may be an option. Call for more information today!

Struggling with the denture decision? We can help! Call now to schedule an appointment with our amazing team!