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What is a


If you have a child who struggles with a speech impediment or struggles while eating they might need a frenectomy. A frenum is a small muscular fold which attaches two tissues together. There is a lingual frenum that connects the tongue to the bottom of the mouth, and a labial frenum which connects the lips to the gums above or below the teeth.

The purpose of the frenum is to limit certain muscle movements to prevent tissue damage. Sometimes the frenum can be overly restrictive which causes speech impediments and difficulty in eating.

Getting a frenectomy is easier than ever.

A frenectomy involves the removal of the excess frenal tissue. Mountain View Dental has remained up to date on changes to this surgery and has found that the best way to treat this is using a CO2 dental laser.

It is much less invasive, painful, and eliminates the need for sutures. Because of this new treatment method we have noticed better results. Find out if a frenectomy is right for you. 

Benefits of getting a


  • Low pain procedure

  • Aids in solving speech impediments

  • Helps with proper eating habits

  • Avoids misaligned teeth in the future

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