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Onlays and Inlays

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Restore your teeth with

Onlays & Inlays

Onlay/Inlay is a restorative treatment that is similar to getting a large filling. Platinum Dental of Mountain View is committed to helping you determine if Onlay/Inlay is the better option for you.

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How are Onlays & Inlays different than other fillings?

Onlay/Inlay is made of gold, titanium or porcelain rather than plastic resin or silver. While fillings are fit and molded in the tooth right away, Onlay/inlay are are created in a lab after an impression is taken and then bonded with the damaged tooth. Regular fillings typically take appointment while Onlay/Inlay require at least two appointments.

Benefits of opting for

Onlay or Inlay​

  • Conservative approach because they preserve as much of the tooth as possible. 
  • Wise choice if the cavity is in between teeth because they seal the teeth better.
  • Easier to clean because they are tailored to fit
  • Less likely to stain or discolor

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