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Dental X-Rays

Let’s look beneath the surface and preserve your dental health

Find hidden problems with

Dental X-Rays

Platinum Dental of Mountain View in West Jordan recommends you regularly get dental x-rays because they allow us to discover hidden decay. If we solely rely on a surface view of your teeth we could miss problems that need to be fixed.

Getting X-rays of your teeth regularly is one of the best ways to ensure you’re preventing serious dental conditions from developing.

Benefits of regular dental x-rays:

To ensure the best care for your teeth we recommend you get dental x-rays every 6 -18 months depending on your needs. We use digital dental x-rays which are processed quickly and are available for us to use right away. Dental X-rays serve as an enlarged image of your mouth which makes it easier for our Mountain View team to know which areas might have a problem.

Why you should say yes to

Dental X-Rays:

  • Gives an enlarged image to the dentist
  • Discover problems early
  • Uncover teeth decay/bone loss/abscesses/impacted teeth
  • Dental x-rays use extremely small amounts of radiation
  • Aid the dentist in providing you with the best possible care

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