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Sedation Dentistry

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Sedation Dentistry

Mountain View Dental knows that going to the dentist can cause a great deal of anxiety for many people. If you have ever felt increased stress from an upcoming dental appointment, sedation dentistry might be something that can help you.

Available Forms of Sedation:

Sedation dentistry is available at our West Jordan clinic for patients who need a little extra help relaxing. There are a few types of sedation that are available:

  • Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) is administered in the office and takes 30 seconds to 4 minutes to start working. It is fast acting and an excellent way to help relieve the stress of being at the dentist.
  • Oral Sedation is prescribed and taken prior to going to the appointment. This helps the patient with overall calmness and controls body movement.
  • Intra Venous Sedation (IV sedation) is helpful because patients often feel like they slept through the procedure. Regardless of what option is best for you, Mountain View Dental has highly trained staff to ensure your safety during the procedure

When to consider

Sedation Dentistry?

  • Extreme tooth sensitivity 
  • Fear of needles
  • A powerful gag reflex
  • Difficulty controlling body movement
  • Lengthy procedures
  • Difficulty becoming numb with normal injections

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